Admission Information

It was decided that from September 2017, we capped the number of school places entering our foundation stage at 30 places as well as 30 places for all mid-term transfers. This means that if a class is full, children will not be able to attend Lady Jane Grey Primary school, even if that child lives in the catchment area.

Admissions Policy from September 2017 onwards

At Lady Jane Grey our Admission Number is 210.

New Paragraph 6.5 below to be added:

6.5 The admission number for each year group is capped at 30 pupils. This number is capped and will not be exceeded to accommodate the catchment area children applying as in-year (mid-term) transfers.

Current LA paragraphs 11.1 and 13.9 to be replaced with:

11.1 At the time of first-time admission/transfer decisions, if there are more requests for in-catchment children than the admission number (AN), the AN will not be exceeded to accommodate the catchment area children.

September 2019 intake

Please see the document below which has our 2019 admissions policy and a map of our catchment area for September 2019 intake.

Applying for a place

Please see link below to view the Leicestershire County Council Guide to Primary Education in Leicesteshire which contains useful information on Leicestershire School Admissions.

Your Guide to Primary Education in Leicestershire