Phonics Curriculum

At Lady Jane Grey we teach children to read and write using synthetic phonics. We use Letters and Sounds to support our daily lessons alongside Ruth Miskin’s Read Write Inc scheme to underpin the learning of all phonemes (sound) and graphemes (letter). We teach a sound a day starting in Reception using pictures of the phoneme, saying the sound and using an action to support every child’s learning style. We teach children to blend phonemes together to read words alongside teaching them tricky and high frequency words for them to read by sight. During our phonics sessions we then support the children to write the grapheme (letter) using a description e.g round the apple and down the leaf.

From year 2, children use the Read Write Inc. spelling programme to develop spelling patterns. All year groups watch a specific video which teaches the spelling patterns that need to be mastered by each year group. After the video a range of daily activities led by the teacher, support the understanding and application of the spelling pattern. At the end of each year, all children are tested to check progress and retention of the year group spellings. The scheme is well received throughout all of the year groups and is reinforced through spelling homework.

Please see a link below to support parents and carers to support their child to say the pure sound. Alongside our letter formation descriptions and actions.