Primary PE Funding

We at LJG, aim to provide the best quality PE and sports provision possible. We also aim to provide a pathway to participation, that will enable all pupils to build and extend their confidence enabling them to achieve their full potential.

What is Primary PE Funding?

Primary PE Funding is given directly to Primary Schools. This funding is provided jointly from the Department for Education, Health & Culture, Media & Sport and can only be spent on PE and the provision of sport in Schools.

How much funding has LJG received?

ady Jane Grey has received a total of £17,900 for 2017/18 and is set to receive £17,970 for 2018/19.

How has LJG spent this funding?

We have committed to employing a PE Specialist, Mr Josephs to improve the quality and provision of PE. Mr Josephs delivers PE lessons planned by our teaching staff. The teaching staff observe how Mr Josephs delivers these lessons and team teaches with him so that they can build their skills base in PE for the future.

To see the impact that this funding has had during the last academic year, click on the detailed plan below.

Swimming and Water Safety

Please refer to the document below entitled ‘Evidencing the impact of Primary PE Funding’ which shows how LJG meets the National Curriculum for swimming and water safety.

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